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Temporary maintenance page

Yeah, it's me but my old server finally died and it was time to migrate off the old Zope version anyway, so...

  • Open Source Geek Blog-y stuff - 'nuff said.
  • Open Source Projects - Our VCT GitHub area.
  • CCCC Project Documentation - Extra gh-pages fanciness for CCCC project docs.
  • Handy Style Guides - Helpful programming guidelines; see the ones on header files for C and C++ in particular (from Univ. of Michigan).
  • Youtube Videos - Recent VCT demo and presentation videos (eg, from SCaLE 13x, ELC2015, etc)
  • Meetup page - Central Coast Open Source Solutions Exchange is our geeky meetup thing...
  • IRC Stats - Local stats for a few freenode IRC channels.
  • Misc downloads - Local configs, cross-toolchains, ARM kernel and U-Boot binaries, etc (not well organized).
  • Archived audio - Recordings of The Wyrd, archived for posterity (at



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