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Steve's New Zope Thing

or - Linux and Python and Zope, Oh my!

Welcome to my new Zope site. Almost everything you see here is running under Zope, a Python-based web application server. The old content, which was still served up by apache, is mostly gone, other than things like ViewVC and the static files area (see the relevant links below). For more info on Zope and Python, see the Zope Quick Start and the new Python for Beginners on the Python wiki.

Some truths about Ada by Joachim SchŘeth, the winner of National Museum of Computing's Colossus Cipher Challenge. "Ada allowed me to concisely express the algorithms I wanted to implement..." An interesting article on using Ada in robotics appeared recently on CircuitCellar.

Get ready to interact with users and developers at the next PyCon. Why Python? (found on a blog somewhere...)

An interesting wrap-up to some thoughts on education and computing by Walter Bender, entitled: A Page From The Hilbert Playbook. Although he seems to be pretty much a software guy, his involvement in the OLPC project seems to have led him to many of the same questions currently being explored by the education community.

FOSSCON (Free and Open Source Software Conference) is a community-focused live event designed to build and strengthen relationships between Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) developers and users.

Nerd articles for regular people (articles on computing by a nerd) on a selection of topics. The one on security would be a good place to start (hint: not all operating systems are created equal).

Another good geek site, from a nerd named Nate, with lots of good info and links on Linux, BSD, security, and system administration.

Main things you can see here, more or less:

Climate change is not a hoax, and the influence of humans is no longer in question. We can debate all we want about almost anything else, but we need an intelligent energy and climate policy now. The scientific consensus and related societal impacts are well described in several places:

Unfortunately, there's still plenty of downright propaganda out there (of Orwellian proportions at times) so you need to pay attention to the sources of your information. There are several handy guides for evaluating web content, like this one, courtesy of the State University of New York, Albany. Or you could just follow the money...

As I get the chance, additional Zope features will be migrated, upgraded, or added, since the CVS repository migration to Subversion has finally been done; the old server has been migrated (again) to newer hardware (this time hardened Gentoo with lemony-fresh RAID!). Much of this site will probably always be under development, but it shouldn't lose anything important, and it should always work (as long as the power stays on, anyway).

Python is so cool; check the weather in Cocoa Beach or Santa Maria here. It's updated every once every hour from the NOAA METAR data server (or when the page is displayed, if it's more recent).

Feedback Form - If you wish to leave feedback, please use this form (or send email to webmaster at the URL of this page).

If you're having trouble understanding what I say, read this.

Last updated: 10/21/2013 08:33

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